Rio Tinto Weipa (Qld) Recently Invested in an ASC Dulevo 3000 Sweeper for Their New $1.9 billion dollar Amrun Project


Rio Tinto Weipa (Qld) recently invested in an ASC Dulevo 3000 sweeper for their new $1.9 billion dollar Amrun project.

The new sweeper will primarily be used for sweeping their wharf area in order to minimize any bauxite falling into the ocean.

Recently we commissioned the new ASC Dulevo 3000 sweeper to their maintenance staff and numerous on-site operators.

Bauxite from Weipa is shipped to international customers but the majority of Weipa bauxite is supplied to the Queensland Alumina Limited and Yarwun refineries, both located in Gladstone, Queensland.

These refineries produce alumina as feedstock for Australian aluminium smelting operations and for sale on the international market.

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