Revesby Worker’s Club Buy Another ASC Sweeper for Complex Cleaning

ASC Eureka E 81 Scrubber At Riversby Worker's Club Updated on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Revesby Workers’ Club is one of Sydney’s premiere leisure, dining, and entertainment venues. The club has a proud 57 years history servicing its local members. The club is based in the South West of Sydney and has many venues including a clubbing/gaming lounge, a shopping center, and a childhood center.

The club recently invested in its second ASC Eureka Scrubber to maintain a clean and pristine facility.

The main user of the machine is Atlas Cleaning; a leading cleaning service provider based in Sydney specialized in complex cleaning.

The machine recently purchased is the Eureka E-81 which is used in the Coles Shopping Centre as well as the underground car park.

ASC Eureka E 81 Scrubber At Riversby Worker's Club