Riviera QLD Say Goodbye to Fiberglass Dust

Updated on Tuesday, November 9, 2021


The Client

Riviera is Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder. A global marine industry leader. They are based on a at our state-of-the-art 16.8 hectare site on the Gold Coast.

The Challenge

Riviera requested a sweeping machine that would pick up off cuts of fiberglass dust in their production areas.

The company has an array of assembly facilities on site. The machine would need to be quite in operation, have a dust filtration system capable of vacuuming up high volumes of floor laden fiberglass and be reliable. The major ingredients in Fiberglass are silica sand, limestone, and soda ash. Other ingredients may include calcined alumina, borax, feldspar, nepheline syenite, magnesite, and kaolin clay, among others hence the need for 100% zero emission dust control.

The Solution.

ASC’s locally based Sweeper specialist Rafael Rodrigues consulted the company and suggested that they invest in the market leading ASC M1 Heavy Duty sweeper.

Rafael organized to demonstrate the M1 machine on site which outperformed all the other competitor models the company looked at.

The decision was made quite easy after seeing the machine sweeping in real time with Riviera investing in the M1 sweeper.