Safe Direction NSW invests in a new ASC M3 Sweeper

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Manufacturing . Warehouses & Distribution

Safe Direction is among the leading designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of innovative guardrail systems along with safety barriers for roads, car parks, warehouses and pedestrians.

The Challenge

They have a daily operating massive warehouse that needs cleaning every day. They were using a manual ASC MEP for keeping their facility clean. Now, they wanted to invest in an automated machine as they outgrew the manual cleaning methods and required a faster solution for picking up a swarm, metal shavings, tyre dust and general industrial debris.

The Solution

The company was already satisfied with the ASC machines and now wanted to invest in the ASC Eureka M3 sweeper after doing their research on various possibilities in the market. They were looking for a heavy-duty machine with a proven track record of performing amazingly in similar industries.

They were really very happy to invest in an ASC sweeper again. ASC has emerged as a market-leading brand by sweeping thousands of factories daily with its exceptional products across Australia.