Scaffolding Australia Extreme Dust Challenge

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


The Client

Scaffolding Australia provides innovative access and support solutions.
They specialise in the initial stages of design and installation, through to the efficient dismantling and removal of scaffolding equipment.

The Challenge

The company has a large holding yard in Sydney’s Western suburb of Minchinbury.
The yard is extremely dusty, with all types of concrete dust on the floor, due to scaffolding arriving on and of the site.
Debris like mud, wire, rocks, extremely fine cement powder and thick, heavy, hard clumps of mud are a daily process to sweep and clean up.
ASC’s Scott Campbell consulted with the company and lead them to the right sweeper choice.
After careful consideration between many different brands, Scaffolding Australia decided on the narrow and manoeuvrable ASC M2 dust free sweeper.

The Result

An ASC compact M2 was ordered as their dedicated site sweeper.