Schuster Farms

Updated on Thursday, February 15, 2024


The Client

Schuster Family Farms is based in Freeling, South Australia.

The Schuster family have been farming in the Freeling district for over 140 years. They have been producing premium quality hay for the South Australian horse market for over 80 years and in 2005, were the first in the world to purchase the Hunterwood Rebaler – a machine which produces Ezy Bales. Ezy Bales is a unique hay storing system that produces hay bales that can fit on a standard pallet and therefore are able to be handled by freight depots and trucking companies.

The Challenge

The Company’s Proprietor and Managing Director, Mr Gavin Schuster, contacted ASC in Adelaide, requiring advice on an appropriate sweeping machine that was designed to sweep very dusty environments in and around many farm sheds.

The machine would need to sweep around large farming machinery and its service bays.

The Solution

The company purchased an ASC FC TR (fleet machine) industrial rider dust-control sweeper and an ASC EUREKA MEP pedestrian dust-control sweeper.

ASC’s locally based Luke Skrinjaric installed the machine for the farm.