Scott’s Refrigerators QLD Invest In A New ASC Eureka E 81 Scrubber

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Client Introduction

Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics is Australia’s only truly dedicated national temperature-controlled supply chain network. Scott’s RL are a leader in refrigerated logistics, providing temperature-controlled delivery solutions and warehousing services to clients across Australia.

The Problem

Scott’s have large maintenance depots where they repair their prime movers as well as trailers. These facilities attract a lot of dust and grease that need to be cleaned daily.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues was asked to supply a floor scrubber that would quickly cut into the embedded grime and leave the floor perfectly dry and safe to walk on. Rafael recommended the heavy-duty ASC Eureka E 81 walk-behind scrubber.

The Solution

Scott’s placed an order for the heavy-duty ASC Eureka E 81 walk-behind scrubber.