SCT Logistics Dust Challenges Solved

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Transport & Railways

The Client

SCT Logistics is an Australian interstate transport company operating rail and road haulage with facilities in all states.

The Challenge

SCT had a sweeper from another supplier that was not doing the job and was very maintenance intensive. They decided to upgrade to a product that would meet their needs.

The company is based in Parkes NSW and is a large operation.

They move freight from Sydney via road to Parkes then from Parkes to Perth via rail. It’s a very unique freight company.

Dust is a constant challenge and sweeping is a necessary part of running their busy terminal.

Westerly winds blow red dust into the large facility constantly.

Combined with busy forklift traffic leaving tyre dust on the ground and B Double trucks entering the facility day in and day out, this all adds up to a dusty warehouse environment.

The Solution

SCT had asked ASC’s Scott Campbell for some help in determining the best sweeper for their application.

They wanted a robust machine that could handle acres of duty concrete span and was proven to work in the transport industry.

After meeting with Scott they awarded him an order for a new ASC Eureka M6 Transport sweeper.