Seatram WA invest in an ASC M3

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Client

Sea Transport Management WA was established in Western Australia in 1990, to service container traffic from Italy to Australia.
Their facility is in Bibra Lake. Seatram is a global provider of freight for Eureka Sweepers globally and the brand needed very little introduction to the group.

The Challenge

Seatram had asked ASC’s WA based Ross Sheehan, to help find a sweeper solution to decrease dust and debris build up in their warehouse.
They were hoping to eliminate the use of dust spreading push brooms and leaf blowers. Ross had suggested that they invest in the heavy duty ASC M3 sweeper, as the best solution.
By using the ASC M3, the cleaning can be done in 18% of their current time, leaving their floors 100% dust free after sweeping.

The Solution.

A new ASC Eureka M3 was ordered.