Sharp Fruit Are Looking Sweet ASC Machines

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Local Swan Hill Fruit Grower identities KA & AM Young and Morpeth Farms recently joined the ranks with ASC for the supply of two cool store packing shed floor cleaners.

Both families are well knownWoorinen district stone, fruit growers.

The problem

Dean Morpeth, the owner of Swan Hill fruit packers, contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyatrecently to discuss alternative ways for keeping their new cold storage facility clean and dust-free.

Ken discussed with him the pros and cons of both sweeping and scrubbing their packaging shed. Dean’s main concern was to eliminate the dust build-up in his new state-of-the-art shed. He also wanted an easy stain removal solution to remove the stains left on his new floors after loading and unloading vehicles.

The Solution

The company proceeded to go with Ken’s recommendation and invested in both an ASC Eureka E50  walk behind floor scrubber and an ASC sweeper.  Dean Morpeth (owner) was particularly pleased with the ASC sweeper after seeing one working in action. He was totally in love with the reliability, quality, and performance of both the units.

Both machines were personally delivered to the site by ASC’s Ken Pepyat. A great result for the company and fruit lovers in general.