Shell X Roads Cranebrook

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Client Introduction

X Roads Cranebrook is a newly developed Shell Service Station located in the suburbs of Cranebrook (NSW) in Sydney. The facility encompasses a convenience store, Lotto outlet and a brand new McDonalds. They service hundreds of vehicles a day through the drive-in food and fuel supply.

The Challenge

X Roads is a very busy service station built on a massive 5-acre span of concrete. Their major challenge was to deal with the debris and dust that the cars dragged into the facility. They wanted to minimize the level of this dust and debris to keep their customers happy. They also have a very busy McDonalds store, which the owners have invested heavily. They wanted to keep it clean 100% of the time. Paper, straws, rocks, leaves, grass cuttings, dust and McDonald’s wrappers were common junk that floated around the perimeter of the building.

The Solution

The owners of X Roads Cranebrook visited ASC headquarters in Rouse Hill and requested a large capacity sweeper capable of keeping their facility clean. An ASC 120 was recommended, and they immediately chose to invest in it. It was available, so a complete training session was provided by ASC during the handover. The facility is now kept clean 100% of the time.