Shell X Roads Cranebrook

Updated on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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The Client

X Roads Cranebrook is a newly developed Shell Service Station located in Sydney’s suburbs of Cranebrook (NSW).

The facility encompasses a convenience store, Lotto outlet and a brand new McDonalds.

The company services hundreds of vehicles a day through the drive in food and fuel supply.

The challenge

X Roads is a very busy service station which is built on a massive 5 acre span of concrete.

The challenge for the company was to keep the debris and dust to a minimum that cars drag into the facility.

The company has a very busy McDonalds store which the owners have invested heavily to keep clean 100% of the time.

Paper, straws, rocks, leaves, grass cuttings, dust and McDonald’s wrappers are commonly found floating around the perimeter of the building.

The Solution

The owners of X Roads Cranebrook visited ASC headquarters in Rouse Hill and asked for a large capacity sweeper capable of keeping their facility clean.

A ASC 120 was recommended and available and they chose to invest in the machine.

A complete training sessions was provided by ASC during the hand over.

The facility is now immaculately kept clean 100% of the time.