Shoreline Freighters Pty Ltd (Coffs harbor ) invest in great housekeeping with ASC

Warehouses & Distribution

Coffs Harbor’s rapidly expanding Shoreline Freighters recently invested in 2 ASC sweepers to keep their depots clean.

The Challenge

Shoreline Transports busy warehouse complex is busy with constant freight movement.

Keeping their depot clean was a challenging exercise with forklift tyre dust and moving trucks generating a lot of dust and mess.

The had kept their facility clean with hand brooms and petrol blowers but the enormity of the task was simply too great.

They called ASC to help them try and solve their problem.

The Solution

The company decided to invest in a ASC MEP dust free push sweeper and a ex fleet battery electric M3 rider sweeper.

The result today is a dust free warehouse in a fraction of the labour time used previous to the purchase with ASC.