Siena Girls College (Vic) Camberwell gets delivery of a new ASC M3

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Siena Girls College was founded around 80 years ago that now enrols almost 800 students and 120 Staff. Recently, Siena Girls College in Camberwell purchased a Eureka Mach 3 after having a bad experience with a previous ride-on sweeper. Matthew Kirwan, the Maintenance Manager, first tested the Eureka M3 on the school grounds and found it to suit their needs perfectly.

The Challenge

As the school has a lot of trees and pathways. The leaves shed by the trees were a hassle for the cleaning staff as it took hours daily for cleaning. Dust was another major issue faced by the school administration. Moreover, broken glass, as well as paper, also had to be cleaned occasionally from the school grounds.

The Solution

The school purchased an ASC Eureka Mach 3 battery sweeper that cleaned the areas thoroughly with minimum noise during school hours. They invested in this machine as they got really impressed by its performance, build quality, support and backup. They never wanted to make a mistake again by purchasing a poor quality sweeper.

Pictured is Mr Matthew Kirwan with the M3.