Signature Broadbeach Tyre Dust Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 11, 2023

Open Spaces & Car Parks

The Client

ULTIQA Signature at Broadbeach offers luxury holiday accommodation, with unrivalled resort amenities. It has expansive outdoor facilities, as well as a multistorey underground carpark.

The Challenge

Scott Carlin, the Manager of ULTIQA Signature at Broadbeach contacted ASC’s Nathaniel Prasad, to discuss the issues they were having sweeping their multistorey underground carpark.

Scott was looking to invest in a ride on sweeper that would be more productive than using manual labour and contract sweeping companies to clean their carpark.

The issue they were having, was the build-up of large concentrations of tyre dust in the building.
This black tyre dust was aesthetically unpleasant.
Residents and visitors were concerned about their cars being covered in dust.
Another issue raised, was the amount of dust that was entering into their air conditioning system, requiring more maintenance. Also, the tiled and carpeted floors were being soiled by foot traffic, from the carparks.

Scott Carlin asked ASC’s Nathaniel Prasad for a long term and reliable solution to eliminate this problem.
He wanted a proven sweeper that was able to sweep their whole facility without creating air borne dust and above all, require very little servicing.

Nathaniel recommended the ASC M3 mid-sized carpark sweeper for this site.

Shortly after the consult, Nathaniel organised an onsite demonstration with Scott and members from the Body Corporate.

They were very impressed with the ASC M3’s performance of dust control and moveability and how easy it was to operate.

The Result

ULTIQA Signature at Broadbeach invested in ASC Carpark M3 sweeper with Auxiliary Vacuum Cleaner kit.