Sims Metal adds new ASC Eureka M8 to its fleet

Updated on Monday, March 1, 2021

Steel Manufacturing . Waste & Recycling

The Client

Sims Metal Management has grown to be the largest scrap metal and electronics recycler in the world, with over 6000 employees in 230 locations across the globe.

The work done at Sims Metal Management comprises of a large network of processing facilities to source recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The Problem.

Sims Metal Newcastle (NSW) has a large scrap yard that has trucks entering & dropping off scrap metal at all hours of the day. The site is busy and very dusty. Scrap metal offcuts are constantly dropped on the ground due to the sheer volume of material.

This metal scrap and dust needs to be picked up in order for the site to minimize airborne dust levels and eliminate punctured tyres on trucks and plant moving within the plant.

The local council also mandates that the adjoining roads are kept clean & dust free.

Sims Metal Management asked ASC’s Scott Campbell to visit their site and recommend an appropriate solution for their site. The site was clearly too big for a conventional industrial sweeper yet too small for to invest in a street sweeper.

Scott Campbell recommended the new ASC Eureka M8 large capacity sweeper as a solution.

The machine addressed many problems.

Firstly the machine had a travel speed of 24km which meant it could quickly sweep up the public roads dust free which in this case was a major truck thoroughfare.

The machine had massive ground clearance so the speed humps strategically located around the site were no longer an issue as the machine was designed to clear them with ease and no damage to the rubber skirts.

The dust control was amazing as the machine had inbuilt zero emission dust technology as well as water suppression.

This unique offering gave the Sims company a great solution as they were able to use a large capacity machine to quickly clean their entire site dust free without getting bogged or stuck on undulated concrete or footpaths.

The Solution.

Sims Metal choose to purchase outright the ASC Eureka M8 diesel sweeper.

Financially the ASC Eureka M8 it was a great choice as it was only 35% of the cost of a conventional street sweeper.

In the end the ASC Eureka M8 proved to be much more functional, easier to operate, had less maintenece and swept faster than any other product.

Ultimately this new sweeper gave Sims Metal a better site clean with a vehicle that improved its productive use of its existing labour.

The machine was very well received upon delivery with quite a few of its employees stunned by both the look and performance of this unique sweeper.