Sims Metal celebrates 9 years service with ASC M6

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Waste & Recycling

Client Introduction

Sims Metal Management Ltd is the leading metals and electronics recycling company in the world. The company specialises in recycling ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, post-consumer electronic goods, and municipal waste.

The Problem

Sweeping a metal recycling yard is as difficult and challenging as it gets as a lot of scrap metal is dropped on the ground while metal is being recycled. This crap has to be swept on an hourly basis in order for the mobile plant to operate and reduce the probability of punctured tyres. These metals vary in length and weight. Moreover, the dust build-up issue also needs to be addressed to ensure OH&S policies are adhered to.

The Solution

Pictured here is an ASC M6 sweeper that has been in service at the Kooragang Island (Newcastle) plant for the past 9 years. Throughout the Sims Metal NSW Group, they have 11 ASC M6 sweepers for sweeping their various depots. Not only does the M6 sweeper do a great job, but it also is extremely reliable and the ultimate fit for this kind of tough application. The machines are sweeping in rain & sunlight.

The M6 is capable of sweeping the roadways as well as broken and undulated concrete/bitumen services.

Happy 9th Birthday, M6.