Sims Metal – Hume Canberra

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Steel Manufacturing

The Client

Sims Metal is a world leading, publicly listed, metal recycler, which encompass the buying, processing and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous recycled metals.

The Challenge

Sims Canberra required a robust, quality built, sweeping machine, that was designed to cover large areas and be capable of picking up heavy and bulky debris.

The company was looking to replace their old ASC M6 sweeper, that had served the site well for the past 11 years.

Rather than trade in their old ASC sweeper, the Sims Management Team had decided to transfer their 11-year-old ASC M6 sweeper, to their other site in St Marys NSW. This was with the intention to clean the public drop off areas.

This would them allow to replace their existing Bobcat sweepers.

The Result

The company decided to re-invest in a new, ASC M6 diesel powered sweeper.

Scott Campbell, ASC’s local Area manager, delivered and installed the new machine to site.