Sims Metal Management ASC M6 Welshpool WA

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Steel Manufacturing . Waste & Recycling

The Client

Sims Limited is a world leading publicly listed metal recycler.

Their operations encompass the buying, processing and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous recycled metals.

The Challenge

Having had an old and problematic sweeper at their Perth Site the group required a replacement machine to maintain the companies’ environmental responsibilities.

Sims Metal has had a long-lasting & fruitful relationship with ASC on the Eastern seaboard for the past 15 years and were looking for a quality solution to eliminate their sweeping challenges.

They consulted many of their sites in NSW and decided on the ASC M6 Heavy Duty Smelter sweeper.

They asked ASC’s Perth based representative Ross Sheehan to survey their site and recommend a heavy-duty sweeper suitable for their site.

The machine was required to sweep up dust, metal scrap & debris generated 24 /7 on their large Welshpool Site.

The Solution

A new ASC Eureka M6 Diesel was ordered by the group.

ASC’s Ross Sheehan organised the delivery & training from the ASC locally based Wangara warehouse.