Sims Metal Minto NSW Invests With ASC Again

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Steel Manufacturing

Client Introduction

Sims Metal buys and processes scrap metal from businesses, other recyclers and the public. They have become the leading collector, processor and supplier of recycled metal in Australia.

The Challenge

Metal recycling plants are extremely hard to sweep as metal is dangerous and sharp. Site maintenance is a very complex job when it comes to the metal recycling businesses, while it is closely monitored as well. It involves shredding metal, separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and paint removal, removing aluminium before the melting of all the metals. The large machinery used for this process leaves metal, dirt, rubber, plastic rocks and more scattered all around the site.

The Solution

Sims Metal have been using ASC sweepers for over 14 years in all facilities across NSW. Sims ordered a new ASC EUREKA M6 sweeper from ASC’s Scott Campbell recently for their new Minto NSW site. They know that the M6 is a trusted and proven product in their environment and truly industrial in its design.