Solving Bendotti Exporters Extensive Dirt and Dust

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Agriculture . Food & Beverages

Client introduction:

Bendotti Exporters is based in the fruit bowl of the Southern Forests town of Manjimup 3 hours south of Perth.

They produce over 10,000 tonnes of high-grade potatoes for the domestic and international markets.

The Challenge:

Bendotti have many large sheds where the produce enters from various farms to be prepared for packaging and to be made into WA Chips or French Fries. With a large dirt entry there is a constant supply of dirt and dust entering the sheds, as well as many forklifts moving around the inside the sheds. They have large cool rooms so containing all of the airborne dust is important as it prevents the air conditioning filters from clogging up with dust.

The Solution:

Paul the Operations Manager from Bendotti contacted WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan and asked about the ASC Eureka M1 battery sweeper. He had done his own research online and was keen to learn more about the M1’s clean technology & dustless dust filtration system.

Ross emailed Paul a live demonstration video showcasing the way the ASC Eureka M1 worked.

Paul was very keen to quiz ASC’s Ross Sheehan how & why the ASC M1 had such a good reliability rating in his market research.

The result:

An order for a new ASC M1 sweeper was placed with ASC’ Ross Sheehan.

Delivery was arranged to the companies Manjimup facility where Ross was met by Managing Director and Dispatch Manager of the company.

Ross conducted a short user training session with both gentlemen and also emailed a Maintenance sheet for the day to day check of the Mach 1 before use to ensure the smooth operation of the sweeper.

The company was assured of the best ASC Eureka after-market support with ASC having spare parts & service personnel located in its company owned premises in Perth.