Investing in ASC M6 Sweeper Helped Spot on Marine (NT) Decrease Their Cleaning Time by 93%

Pulling A Ferry Boat At Spot On Marine's Facility Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Spot on Marine is a boat lifting and hard stand storage facility based in Darwin, Northern Territory. Spot on Marine (NT) provide services to the local and international boating community. Their services include aluminium and steel fabricating, water and abrasive blasting, travel lift and soda blasting. They also offer use of a new Roodberg, a 60 ton boat hauling trailer for catamarans and all boats to 60 tons no matter how wide.

Their owner, Michael Onn recently invested in a ASC Heavy Duty Mach 6 sweeper to maintain the hard stand areas that they have. Having such a big concrete hardstand requires a lot of manual brooming to keep it clean. The investment in the M6 sweeper has therefore reduced cleaning time by as much as 93%. Not only is the place now immaculately clean, it has made the job of maintaining the facility a lot less labour intensive.

Boating facilities across Australia, such as Spot On Marine continue to invest in the ASC range of sweepers.

Pulling A Yacht At Spot On Marine Yard
Pulling A Boat At Spot On Marine's Facility
Pulling A Ferry Boat At Spot On Marine's Facility