SRC Bricklaying Unique Sweeper Requirements

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Brickyards & Aluminium Smelters

The Client

SRC Bricklaying is a bricklaying company that works on the high-rise construction sites in Brisbane.

The Challenge

Located in Mount Crosby, North Tivoli, QLD, the company were looking to invest in a sweeper that could be craned to work in high-rise building sites. It also had to be able to sweep fine dust, including silica dust without creating any air borne dust.

Shane (Company Manager) visited ASC’s Nathaniel Prasad in the ASC Yatala warehouse and saw the ASC Mach 1 sweeper in action.

The Result

SRC Bricklaying purchased an ASC Eureka Mach 1 with M class filter bag, watering spray system and machine lifting kit.