SRV’s Facility Double Clean With ASC

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Transport & Railways

The Client

SRV are a very large interstate transport company.

They have in excess of 100 Kenworth trucks and are a very familiar brand seen on most highways, carting goods throughout Australia.

They are renowned for safety, reliability and value, with their HQ based in Ormeau, Queensland.

The Challenge

SRV has a facility in Ormeau QLD.

The company wanted a sweeper that would be able to sweep their entire facility, ensuring there would be no dust build up in their warehouse.

The sweeper would also be used to clean their large concreted external areas, where the trucks are parked.

The company also has a large service bay which services their fleet of trucks.

A scrubber was required, to allow them to clean any oil residue quickly and efficiently, from their floors.

The Result.

The company purchased an ASC Eureka Heavy Duty Mach 3 sweeper and a Heavy-Duty ASC Eureka E 61 battery electric floor scrubber.