Star Drilling Victoria Cleans Up

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Client Introduction

Star Drilling is a leading drilling services provider in the Australian drilling industry.

The Challenge

Simon from Star Drilling contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyatand asked for his help to find a cleaning solution for their Thomastown workshop. The major problem they faced was the huge amount of debris brought into the workshop by field machinery when returned to their depot for storage and repairs. Dust, dirt, and oil residue were also very troublesome.

The Solution

Ken recommended an ex-fleet ASC Factory Cat XR rider scrubber/sweeper as the best solution.

Buying an ex-fleet low-hour machine would benefit the company as it would reduce the purchase price by 50% when compared to buying a new machine. After seeing the machine, Simon decided to purchase the unit from Ken saying, the purchase “would save a lot of manual cleaning, cut downtime, and reduce water costs”.