State Wide Turf Services

Updated on Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Client introduction:

State Wide Turf Service is a WA based turf renovation service.

They started small and have grown into one of the largest service providers in the state. They employ over 30 operators throughout Australia.

The Challenge:

Recently Neil Norrish from Norrish Services had purchased a ASC Eureka ME push sweeper. He bought one as a result of an endorsement.

Neil is closely associated with State Wide Turf Services and dropped into the ASC WA Perth office and placed an order with ASC’s Ross Sheehan for another one.

The Solution:

Neil arranged payment of the ASC Eureka ME push sweeper over the phone on behalf of State Wide and ASC Area Manager Ross Sheehan was able to deliver the sweeper to their Midvale workshop. While there he conducted training, emailed a parts list and the Maintenance checklist so the operators will get the most out of sweeper