Steelstruct (Henderson WA) like ASC Product

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Steel Manufacturing

Client introduction:

Steelstruct Engineering is a large private owned Western Australian company providing steel fabrication, hard facing and precision machining services to the mining and resource markets.

The Challenge:

Ben, Steelstruct’s stores department Manager was in the market for a dust-free industrial sweeping machine that actually worked.

He had been frustrated by many previous sweepers the company had purchased in the past. Typically learning that they had only lasted weeks before failing and being thrown out.

After a recommendation a call was made to ASC’s WA Sweeper Specialist Ross Sheehan as an SOS.

Ross is an expert in this field and recommended to Ben to demonstrate both the ASC MEP manual dust free push sweeper and the ASC Heavy Duty Eureka M1 battery walk behind at his Henderson site. Ross figured that this would allow Ben the opportunity to see which option he favoured most.

The Problem.

The site was large and had several large sheds where many types of steel work was carried out.

Ben’s problem was that he needed to sweep steel & forklift dust of the ground efficiently. His facility was littered with grinding fragments that needed to be swept on a regular basis. The company has a large work force so the sweeper was required to handle multiple operators. Essentially it had to be strong, reliable and easy to use.

The Solution.

Ross Sheehan knew the demonstration would prove flawless and it did. After the demonstration, Ross and Ben discussed what would be the best solution. While both machines performed well the company gave the responsibility to purchase a new sweeper down to certain operators.

The Result.

Two days later Ben called Ross and ordered a single ASC MEP manual dust free push sweeper.

Impressed by what ASC had to offer Ben told ASC’s Ross Sheehan he would be buying more sweepers sooner than later. A great result for Steelstruct!