Stillwater Apartments (Hope Island, Gold Coast Qld) chooses a ASC Eureka E 51

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Cleaning Contractor's . Open Spaces & Car Parks


The body corporate has already used the ASC Eureka E51 for more than 10 years and decided to replace the ageing unit .

Their philosophy was simple and not take risk in changing equipment brands.

The complex has narrow corridors and multiple different floor surfaces.

The complex had many limited spaces and liked the idea that the machine had a heavy duty steel protector around the front brush as it was always being hit into walls and staircases.


ASC new Eureka E 51 was purchased.

It had proven to be the most affective machine when it came down to minimal maintenance and user friendliness.

Being simple to operate and maintain helped their internal managers with minimal training when staff were being replaced.


ASC Eureka E51 Scrubber