Stillwater Apartments (Hope Island, Gold Coast Qld) chooses a ASC Eureka E 51

Updated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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The Challenge

Stillwater Apartments has already been using the ASC Eureka E51 for over 10 years and wanted to replace the ageing unit.

They didn’t want to risk changing the brand as they completely trusted ASC. Their complex comprises if narrow corridors and a range of floor surfaces.

Moreover, the complex also had hard-to-reach areas and limited spaces, and hence they needed a machine with a heavy-duty steel protector around the front brush to prevent it from hitting walls and staircases.

The Solution

They invested in the ASC’s new Eureka E 51 this time as well due to its extraordinary performance.

With a proven track record and excellent performance when it came down to minimal maintenance and user-friendliness, E 51 was their first and last choice.


ASC Eureka E51 Scrubber