ASC Sweepers Keep Strata Plan Five Dock’s Carparks Clean & Dust-free

Updated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Strata Plan Five Dock is based in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Five Dock.

They own a very large retail and apartment block that is usually crowded. The complex includes retail shops, a fitness studio as well as a large five-level underground carpark.

The Challenge

They were faced with the challenge of black tyre dust build up in their carpark. The continuous car movement over the day as well as night made the place dirty and impossible to manage so much so that some parts of the carpark had around 3mm of dust build-up. Tenants and retail users were coming with regular complaints of their cars being covered in black dust after using the carpark.

Management was challenged to find a compact and lightweight sweeper that could easily fit into a lift.

The Solution

Body corporate chose to invest in an ASC M2 battery sweeper and an ASC MEP push-along sweeper. The ASC Eureka M2 was bought for cleaning the open concrete spans by trapping the dust and sweeping the surfaces clean. On the other hand, the smaller MEP push sweeper was bought for areas that were unreachable using the rider. These included the hard-to-reach areas in between the basement walls where concrete bollards were installed separating the cars from the walls.

The Result

Strata Plan Five Dock’s now has a clean carpark, which is dust-free as well as no more black tyre dust. A great result for the complex, which has made the people that use complex and its carpark regularly happy and satisfied!

As an added bonus, the internal carpets of the complex no longer get smeared with black tyre dust due as people don’t get the black dust on their shoes anymore!

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper

ASC M2 Battery Sweeper & ASC MEP Push Along Sweeper