Stratco Qld and ASC M5

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Manufacturing . Steel Manufacturing

Client Introduction

Stratco is a household name in Australia with a trading history of over 70 years in the building and home renovation markets. Stratco has become one of the largest producers and marketers of quality building and home improvement products in Australia.

The Challenge

Stratco has a large manufacturing facility in Yatala (QLD). They required a large rider on a sweeper capable of sweeping dust and debris from their factory floor. They researched the market and looked into the available options. They liked the ASC products the best and chose to see the ASC’sQld facility.

Stratco’s senior management chose to attend the ASC QLD warehouse complex to see the service backup ASC had to offer for its products. They viewed several machines while onsite and decided to invest in a Heavy Duty ASC Eureka M5 ride-on sweeper.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues delivered the new ASC M5 sweeper to the site and inducted nine operators on how to use the machine. Impressed with both its ease of operation and the performance of the new M5 sweeper, the Stratco floor can now be cleaned efficiently and effectively. No more dust or debris issues.

This investment has further enhanced Stratco’s commitment to producing quality products and maintaining a safe working environment for its people.