Suman Installations NSW

Updated on Friday, June 11, 2021


Client Introduction

Suman Installations is a company which supplies and installs scaffolding and scaffolding equipment to larger companies like Bunnings.

The Challenge

Suman Installations have an extremely busy warehouse in Penrith NSW.

They had not only dust problems but when the forklifts come inside after any rain, it would turn the dust into mud.

The company is moving to a brand new facility and wanted to take advantage of keeping this warehouse clean.

The Solution

Lisa Suman (owner) was in need of not only a sweeper but scrubber as well.

The ASC MEP Eureka push sweeper was demonstrated by ASC’s Scott Campbell alongside the ASC Eureka E61 walk behind scrubber.

Both these machines work well together, sweeping dust and debris with the MEP, then scrubbing the freshly painted floors clean and shiny.

Lisa placed an order and purchased 2 ASC MEP’s and the ASC E61 scrubber.