Sundown Pastoral Company – Gold Coast Airport

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Airports & Aviation

The Client

Sundown Pastoral Company is a privately owned Australian agricultural and pastoral enterprise.

They recently asked ASC how to maintain their hangar at the Gold Coast Airport

The Challenge

Cleaning an airport hangar is not easy. Dust blows into these hangars daily. Hangars also suffer from bird droppings that fall over the vast span of painted floor and are problematic.

Grease and sykrol oil are known to land on the floor, which must be cleaned quickly before it stains the floors.

The company asked ASC’s Nathaniel Prasad to walk them through the process of efficiently cleaning their hangar, minimising both water use and labour, ensuring a streak free and shiny floor.

The Result.

Nathaniel suggested that they upgrade to an ASC E50 floor scrubber.