Sunpalm Aust warehousing

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Agriculture . Warehouses & Distribution

Client Introduction

Sunpalm Australia Pty is an Australian-owned organisation with its R&D and manufacturing facility in Wangara, Perth. They produce gardening industry products.

Premium Plastics and Langley Fertilizers (a subdivision of Sunpalm Australia) have produced high-quality plastic pots and slow-release fertilisers for the nursery and retail sectors.

The Challenge

Parit is the Logistics Manager for Sunpalm. Recently, he contacted Ross Sheehan, the WA Area Manager for ASC, looking for a solution to their dust problem. Parit was about to invest in a forklift sweeper attachment; however, he wanted to explore more options. Meanwhile, he came across the ASC webpage while researching top-notch industrial sweepers on Google.

When Ross was contacted, he went to visit the site and assess its requirements. He found out that the fertiliser preparation area had a heavy buildup of dust. The operators used brooms to get rid of it, but it took 40 minutes and further aggravated the situation due to airborne dust.

The plastic production area was much cleaner but had forklift rubber tire dust along with plastic pieces leftover from making the pots.

The Solution

Ross makes it a point to travel with the ever-popular ASC Eureka MEP push sweeper.

On this occasion, Parit and his manager had the time, so they allowed Ross to demonstrate the MEP.

The fertiliser production area was chosen as the area to sweep as it had the heaviest amount of dust and debris.

Once Ross set up the correct machine brush pressure and set off to do the first line of sweeping, both Parit and his manager were impressed by its performance. Within a few minutes, the main area was swept without any airborne dust.

The Result

Parit was ordering the Eureka MEP sweeper when his manager stopped and asked him to place an order for two sweepers as he was really impressed by its performance.

One for each section of the plant. The MEP definitely outshone the more expensive forklift attachment on this occasion.