Superior Stone Unanderra Impressed with ASC Eureka E 51 Floor Scrubber’s Cleaning Capacity

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Brickyards & Aluminium Smelters

Superior Stone is a Wollongong based custom masonry manufacturer.

The Challenge

Like most masonry companies they had a massive problem with silica and concrete dust.

The Owner Marco wanted to keep the workshop floors clean from powder and debris generated while cutting kitchen bench tops.

He had many tight access areas and looked for a machine that could reliably clean his facility. His insisted on a heavy duty floor cleaning machine.

The Solution

They had a demonstration of the Eureka E 51 scrubber. They were impressed with its cleaning capacity and ability to clean the floor dust free using water.

Daniel (Marco’s Son) works in there too and the scrubber makes life a little easier.

The plant is now clean, dust free and presents better to for both visitors and its employees.

ASC’s Sydney based Representative Scott Campbell installed the machine for Superior Stone.


ASC Eureka E51 Scrubber 1

ASC Eureka E51 Scrubber 2