Survitec Victoria’s Foreign Objects Solved

Updated on Saturday, February 5, 2022


Client Introduction

Survitec is the designer and manufacturer of lifesaving technology that helps ensure survival
across air, land, and sea. They are the specialists in wearable personal survival equipment to keep individuals safe, multi-person deployable systems to protect multiple people in an emergency and life safety solutions to help protect people and property during any crisis.

The Challenge

Survitec Victoria were looking for a sweeper and a scrubber in order to clean their floors perfectly before laying out the emergency life rafts and other emergency equipment for repair. The floors needed to be impeccable and free from foreign objects so that the emergency gear didn’t get damaged.

The Solution

Survitec Melbourne approached ASC’s Ken Pepyat for consultation and asked for the best equipment available that could provide such a precise cleaning for their site. After visiting the site, Ken recommended the ASC MEP push sweeper and the ASC E50 walk behind the floor scrubber. Scott Hyndman from Survitec decided to purchase both the recommended machines. He thought they would work for the best as he had seen them perform, and the quality of both the units was also impeccable.