No Premature Maintenance For Ray Brookes Switchboards After Investing in ASC MEP

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021


Ray Brookes Switch board is in Osbourne Park Western Australia has been located in the same warehouse for past 50 years.

They specialize in custom made switchboards and other sheet metal jobs that service the WA market.

The company called ASC after they finally realized it was too hard and labour intensive to clean their facility without a sweeper.

They wanted a machines that could pick up dust and metal shavings in the production area as well as sweep the front apron of the building.

They were extremely concerned  about the amount of dust that was being drawn by the wind into the building from outside causing undue maintenance of their machinery.

The outside airborne dust was causing their ventilation filters to get clogged prematurely so they figured that investing in a quality sweeper would result in less maintenance.

ASC’s Ross Sheehan was consulted and brought to site a ASC MEP sweeper with dust control.

Having demonstrated the unit on site the client quickly achieved their goal of a more efficient clean with less labour usage.

They purchased the ASC MEP sweeper immediately and instigated a maintenance program where each worker had to clean their individual work site between each completed job.

A very happy work force who no longer need to pick up a broom, but push around the ASC MEP sweeper to quickly and quietly get the facility clean.

A dust free facility.

ASC MEP At Ray Brookes Switchboards 1
ASC MEP At Ray Brookes Switchboards 2
ASC MEP At Ray Brookes Switchboards 3