Sydney’s A2 Milk invests in a ASC M2 sweeper.

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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A2 milk specialise in bottling fresh milk. It’s a household name in Supermarkets.

The Challenge

A2 milk have a large facility in Sydney’s South West.  Dust build up occurs with continual mobile traffic movements.

Moving forklifts, trucks and mobile machinery leaves a lot of black tyre dust on the factory floors as well as the roadways.

A2 maintain very high standards of hygiene in the workplace but needed a solution to eliminate workers spending hundreds of hours manually washing and sweeping the floors.

The Solution

The Mach 2 was demonstrated and proved to be very effective at both removing tyre dust as well as reducing labour time cleaning.

The company raised a Capex and the ASC M2.

The machine is used to sweep both indoor and outdoor making light work of cleaning for their production team.

The premises are now spotless.