Sydney’s Maronite College invest in a ASC M1 Astro Turf Sweeper

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Maronite College in Sydney’s suburb of Harris Park has recently invested in a ASC M1 sweeper Astro Turf Sweeper.

The Challenge

The School had recently spent over $100,000 laying a new playground in Astro Turf.

The Challenge for the school was cleaning the newly laid astro turf.

They tried petrol blowers and vacuum machines but that achieved very little as they pushed debris from one side of the playground to the next.

They required a sweeping system that;

  1. Lifted the astro turf grass pile upright while cleaning so that the grass always looked immaculate
  2. Swept the grass clean of foreign materials like eucalyptus leaves, ice cream sticks, paper and plastic wrappers.
  3. Was easy to use and simple to maintain for their operators.

The Solution

ASC organized a on-site inspection and recommend the ASC ASTRO Turf M1 sweeper.

A demonstration of the machine followed with Maronite College’s Maintenance Manager Scott Beasley.

Scott was so impressed by the machines cleaning performance and ease of use that he ordered the ASC Astro turf sweeper.

The Astro Turf that Maronite College had installed was a new generation grass that is designed to be spongy and fall resistant. This ensures that the kids do not get hurt should they trip or fall. The material is ultra-soft and feels like real grass.

A great solution for the Maronite College maintenance team and ASC’s solution based equipment.


Sydney’S Maronite College Playground

ASC Astro Turf M1 Sweeper 1

ASC Astro Turf M1 Sweeper 2

Cleaning Dustbin Of ASC Astro Turf M1 Sweeper

ASC Astro Turf M1 Sweeper 3