T.T.D -LE Penfield Gardens Solves Their Dusty Packaging & Cool Rooms

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Food & Beverages

The Client

T.T.D. – LE are a South Australian Fresh farmers produce company specializing in capsicum, cucumbers & tomatoes.

They are based in Penfield Gardens, South Australia.

The Challenge.

Mrs. Trang Le and Mr. Charlie Le (owners) asked ASC’s local South Australian Representative Luke Skrinjaric to recommend a solution for their dusty Packaging & Cool rooms.

Their problem was dust, and a lot of it.

Rubber tyre dust and farm soil was entering their packing areas & cool rooms.

They requested an efficient and dust-free sweeping solution in order to prevent dust from accumulating and settling on and around packaged stock. They wanted a sweeper that could handle this challenging environment, be reliable and be used to sweep outdoor loading areas.

The Solution:

Luke recommended the ASC Eureka M2 compact battery electric rider sweeper as their solution.

After a successful demonstration at their premises, they chose to invest in the dust free ASC M2 sweeper.