Tadano Oceania Scrubbing Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

The Client

Tadano Oceania manufacture and distribute a wide range of new and used mobile, hydraulic cranes and genuine Tadano spare parts throughout Australia. They are based in Hope Valley, WA.

The Challenge

Tadano had purchased an ASC M3 sweeper many years ago and were very happy with its low maintenance and reliability.

On this occasion they needed something to clean extreme grease spills, left over on the workshop after crane services.

The machine would be required to scrub the workshop walkways, as well as slippery work bays.

ASC’s Scott Campbell consulted the group and suggested that they invest in an ASC Eureka E 81 walk behind heavy duty floor scrubber.

The Result

The company purchased an ASC Eureka E81 scrubber.

After careful consideration they learnt that there is a large difference between an industrial cleaning machine and a lightweight shopping centre cleaner.

ASC’s Scott Campbell was there to install and deliver the machine.