Taylor Made Homes in Dubbo recently invested in 2 ASC M1 heavy duty sweepers

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


Taylor Made Homes are the ultimate home customised with two large, fully functioning workshops.

The Challenge

Taylor Made Homes have two large operational workshops. Home manufacturing is a messy job as it involves everything from debris from wood, nails, tyre dust, rocks to dirt. Their workshop’s concrete floors were always covered with debris and dirt.

Paul Taylor (owner of Taylor Made Homes) contacted ASC while searching for a solution to their challenging debris problem.

Paul conducted deep research online to find out the best sweepers on the market for dealing with his debris issue. He was impressed by ASC Mach 1 and attended the ASC Warehouse in Rouse Hill (NSW) to see how it was operated.

He was so overwhelmed by Mach 1’s sweeping capability and performance that he decided to buy two Mach 1’s for both his workshops on the spot.

The Solution

ASC’s NSW representative Scott Campbell delivered both sweeper machines to both the Taylor Made Homes workshops in Dubbo.

One sweeper was delivered to Taylor Made Homes builds Manufacturing Facility, while the other was delivered to their research and Development Company.


ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper