Tempe Tyres Derrimut Eliminates Dust

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

Tempe Tyres is one of the largest wheel wholesalers and distributors in Australia.

The Challenge

The Tempe Tyres warehouse facility in Melbourne’s suburb of Derrimut is large.

The company had a severe dust problem that needed addressing.

Debris was being blown in from adjoining warehouses & roadways creating a dust build up in and around the stored tyres and racks.

The solution was to get a sweeper that worked in this environment as manual sweeping was no longer an option.

The Solution.

John Taleb (Tempe Tyres Manager) asked ASC’s locally based sweeper expert Ken Pepyat to provide a low cost yet highly effective and reliable sweeper that would eliminate his dust problem.

Ken heard his call and organized to demonstrated the ASC MEP Manual Push sweeper with dust control.

John was surprised just how well the ASC MEP swept his floor & how little to no dust was kicked up when in use.

Not long after the demonstration Tempe Tyres placed and order for the ASC MEP sweeper.

It proved to be a great buy adding value to the aesthetics of their facility and eliminating their dust build up.