Terrazzo Australian Marble chooses ASC

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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The Client

Terrazzo Australian Marble are a family owned company that have been involved in the terrazzo industry for over 40 years. They manufacture precast elements at their factory in western Sydney.

The Challenge

Drilling, cutting and sanding Terrazzo is and extremely dusty process. The remnants of the Terrazzo get airborne and land on machinery, finished product, opens storage areas and roadways.

Terrazzo Australian Marble have a very large facility that had until recently used a forklift attachment to clean their facility with. The method did not prove successful as it generated more dust than it swept. The Directors approached ASC and asked what they could use to help eliminate the dust issue.

The Result.

Company Director Mark dropped into ASC Head office in Rouse Hill to inspect what ASC had as an alternative to buying a brand new machine. ASC had several rider machines on hand for him to both test drive and view.

After driving the ASC Dulevo 120 LPG sweeper he elected to buy it.

Shown below is the ASC Dulevo 120 machine sweeping up heavy dust particles.