Terrazzo Australian Marble chooses ASC

Updated on Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Client Introduction

Terrazzo Australian Marble is a family-owned company that has been a part of the terrazzo industry for over 40 years. They manufacture precast elements at their factory in western Sydney.

The Challenge

Drilling, cutting and sanding Terrazzo is a very dusty process. The leftovers of the Terrazzo get airborne and land on machinery, finished product, opens storage areas and roadways.

Terrazzo Australian Marble has a very large facility that recently used a forklift attachment to keep their facility clean. However, the method was very inefficient because it generated more dust than it swept. Their directors contacted ASC and requested a solution to their dust issues.

The Result

Company Director Mark dropped into ASC Head office in Rouse Hill to inspect what ASC had as an alternative to buying a brand new machine. ASC had several rider machines on hand for him to both test-drive and view.

After driving the ASC Dulevo 120 LPG sweeper, he elected to buy it.

Shown below is the ASC Dulevo 120 machine sweeping up heavy dust particles.