The Pastry Lounge Scrubs Up Effortlessly

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Food & Beverages

The Client

The Pastry Lounge is a commercial catering company, specialising in boardroom catering.

Fiona Richardson, an accomplished chef, is the Owner and Founder of The Pastry Lounge.

The Challenge

Prior to reaching out to ASC, Fiona had been using another brand of floor scrubber. She wasn’t happy with its performance, or the service she had received.

She went searching for a reliable cleaning partner that could deliver a clean floor for her, with minimal mechanical trouble.

Running a food facility is generally very messy.

As any baker would know, preparing pastries requires the use of flour, breadcrumbs, starch and food additives, that inevitably spill on to the floor.

The larger the area, the larger the area that needs to be cleaned.

The Solution

Fiona liked the look of the ASC Heavy Duty Eureka E51 walk behind scrubber.

She thought it looked a much stronger, better built unit than the one she had ordered previously.

The ASC Representative organised to see Fiona and gave her an onsite demonstration.

Fiona liked the machine so much that she purchased one.