Thermal Ribbons Australia Benefitted in Many Ways with the ASC Eureka MEP Sweeper

Ron Lusk With ASC Eureka MEP Sweeper Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Manufacturing . Warehouses & Distribution

Thermal Ribbons Australia is a leading supplier of premium grade thermal transfer ribbons used in the printing Industry. Established some 20 years ago and run as a happy hands-on family business, it recently relocated premises from NSW to a larger purpose-built facility in Meadow Bank, Brisbane.

Pictured is Managing director Ron Lusk who recently invested in an ASC Eureka MEP sweeper. The sweeper was purchased to eliminate airborne dust in the production and warehouse areas. Prior to investing in the ACS Eureka MEP sweeper, the warehouse was manually cleaned. The new ASC push sweeper now cuts cleaning time by 85% and has made housekeeping a pleasant and fun task.

Ron and his team can expect a 20-year lifespan out of the new ASC sweeper.

Ron Lusk With ASC Eureka MEP Sweeper