Tim Crawford Earthmoving Bendigo

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Client Introduction

Crawford Earthmoving is based in the Central Victoria area. It has been in business for the past 20 years in Epson Victoria. They have a variety of equipment and services to undertake commercial, industrial as well as domestic excavating projects. These include creating foundations for carports, driveways and houses; plant hire operators, rock breakers, bobcats, tip trucks, sand, soil and gravel, excavators, rock breakers, backhoes, bobcats and earthmoving.

The Challenge

Tim Crawford, the owner of Tim Crawford Earthmoving, asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat to recommend a heavy-duty walk behind sweeper that had a proven record of working in a very dusty workshop. Ken recommended the ASC M1 as an efficient as well as a cost-effective solution for their needs. The sweeper was specifically earmarked for cleaning Crawford’s large workshop and outer concrete apron area.

The Solution

After working with a dilapidated push sweeper to clean up their workshop, Tim finally decided to invest in the ASC M1 Battery sweeper for the best results. After receiving the new ASC M1 sweeper, Tim Crawford was very happy with its performance as it made it easy for them to keep their facility squeaky clean. After receiving the new ASC M1 sweeper Tim Crawford was very happy with the machine & how much easier and cleaner his work prized facility is now.