TLAP Chooses ASC 125 Footpath Sweeper to Keep the City Cleaner

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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TLAP’s responsibility is to keep the city clean and oversee a community lead exposure reduction strategy.

The Challenge

TLAP went to market recently to explore what machines were best suited to achieve the aim of making the city cleaner and reducing the laden lead on the ground.

ASC was invited to demonstrate its machines. The scope of work was to clean the city’s footpaths and CBD area.

The material to sweep up included leaves, rocks, debris, glass and paper. The footpaths were very undulated and uneven.

The Solution

ASC had demonstrated the ASC 125 Footpath Sweeper. It did everything they required. It was easy to operate and did an amazing job. TLAP choose to invest on 2 x ASC Petrol 125 sweepers.

Pictured below is TLAP’s Mr. Phil Lacey driving hos new ASC 125 sweeper. Machines were installed and commissioned by ASC’s Scott Campbell.


ASC 125 Sweeper 1

ASC 125 Sweeper 2