Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Service Wollongong

Updated on Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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The Client

The Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Service has a highly-qualified crew of pilots, aircrew, doctors, paramedics, engineers and safety managers that perform over 2500 missions per year.

The company flies purpose-built Agusta Westland 139 (AW139) helicopters delivers air service patients across the Southern Zone of NSW.

The Challenge

Running a fleet of modern helicopters requires hangar maintenece floors to be clean and free of FOD.

Toll Air wing new Hangar floors have recently been painted with epoxy coatings and required daily cleaning.

This cleaning regime is to ensure that all the floors look pristine and free of tyre marks, oil spills and debris.

The Solution.

Toll Air Ambulance recently asked ASC to provide a floor solution for their Wollongong Air Hangar.

It was decided that the highly reliable ASC Eureka E 50 scrubber was the best product for this application.

The ASC Eureka E 51 floor scrubbing machine is designed to maintain hangars this size & capable of cleaning the 2000 sq meters per hour.

The use of the machine will ensure Toll has a quick and effective cleaning regime in place without wasting manpower.

The use of the ASC Eureka E 50 has financial benefits including saving hundreds of labour hours manually cleaning the floors and reduce water consumption by 98%.

Toll now has a system whereby it can now cleaned its Hangar quickly, streak free and be safe to walk on seconds after the squeegee picks up all the soilage off the floor.