Tomago Aluminum Smelter (NSW)

Updated on Monday, December 11, 2023

Brickyards & Aluminium Smelters

The Client

Tomago Aluminium is Australia’s largest aluminium smelter.

The smelter produces 590,000 tonnes of aluminium every year. Tomago is an independently managed joint venture.

Joint Venture partners are Rio Tinto Alcan, CSR and Hydro Aluminium.

The Challenge

Tomago went to the market looking for compact sweepers that were capable of maintaining and captaining alumina dust. The spec was to procure four battery driven, self-propelled, walk behind sweepers.

They would be used in different sections of the business, ranging from the Pot Rooms to other dust critical locations.

Tomago sought the expertise of ASC’s Scott Campbell to guide them through their selection process.

They were particularly interested in purchasing an industrial product that could handle their heavy duty conditions and minimise any airborne dust while sweeping.

The Result

Tomago Aluminium Company purchased four, ASC heavy duty M1 battery sweepers, fitted with mine spec.