Tradeware Townsville Tyre Dust & General Debris

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

Tradeware Townsville is a well known distribution company based in Townsville North Queensland. Tradeware Group is an importer and distributor of building supplies products, adhesives, cleaning chemicals, metal protection chemicals, pest control chemicals, sprayers, some hardware tools, fibreglass kits, industrial cooling fans, etc.

The Challenge

The company has a large distribution Warehouse in Townsville. Forklifts tyre dust and general debris was a big problem.

The Solution.

ASC Townsville locally based representative Luke Skrinjaric was asked to recommend an appropriate low cost sweeper that would eliminate the companies dust problem.
He recommended the ASC MEP sweeper which he held in the ASC Townsville warehouse and was able to deliver it the next day.