Transport Heritage NSW

Updated on Monday, December 11, 2023

Transport & Railways

The Client

Transport Heritage, based in the Sydney suburb of Chullora, is a large, not-for-profit organisation.

The company primarily focuses on managing rail assets, on behalf of the NSW Government.

The Challenge

Ben, the Manager of Transport Heritage, contacted ASC’s Nick Bilos, looking for a solution to their dust issues.

Due to high volumes of forklift and other large machinery movements, large amounts of tyre dust would build up in their warehouse, causing a dusty environment.

Nick Bilos recommended the highly manoeuvrable and compact, heavy duty, ASC Eureka M2 as the best solution for sweeping this site.

The Result

The ASC Eureka M2 was ordered.

Upon delivery, Ben was ecstatic about his new ASC sweeper and was given full operator training.